Reading Club​ Youth will become members of an active reading club to encourage and improve reading and comprehension skills. Mentors will work with students on various reading activities. Professionals from the world of arts and drama will help students in storytelling. Participants will be encouraged to read aloud, write and improvise stories to a variety of audiences. Activities will include book clubs, storytelling, literacy games and activities encouraging reading-based interactions. Students are encourage to write and read their own poetry and participate in drama activities. 
Service-Learning Project (STEM) Service Learning is a form of instruction in which students design projects to address community needs as part of their academic studies.  This element of academic studies helps to improve youth's focus on set projects, develop leadership skills and help strengthen their ties to the community.
Project One: Community Gardens  Students will participate in the planning, planting and harvesting of produce grown.
Project Two:  Business Club Students will work with business owners to learn about how to setup a business, problem solving, finance and participate in job shadowing.
Project Three:  My Government, My Country and My Future   Students will have an opportunity to follow the election; hear the problems we face economically, politically , etc.
Project Four:  STEM Students will work with college students majoring chemistry, math and engineering to learn how to invent scientific projects, building robots, and learn how to use their imagination.
In Loving Memory Of
   Miguel Rodriguez