Our mission is to be a charitable organization providing an educational mentoring program to help at-risk youth achieve academic success!

In Loving Memory Of
   Miguel Rodriguez

Our vision is to be a servant to the community

                                           Why Granny's Place?


At age fourteen (14), my niece Lily started running away from home.  It was disturbing and very scary to know that this young girl was on her own out in the streets of Dallas.  Lily lived in a dysfunctional home, with a single mother.  In the beginning, Lily started skipping school and would lie about where she had been.  She began disappearing for days and weeks without telling anyone where she had been.  It was painful to know this child was out on the streets and there was no way to protect her from the bad elements.  From age fourteen to seventeen (14-17), she continued to run away, her mother placed her in the Dallas County Juvenile System, hoping it would scare her straight.  But it only made matters worse.  At the age of of seventeen (17), she came home pregnant with her first child.  Although, it was not good news, everyone was happy when the baby was born.  Lily has a sixth grade education and is a single mother.  This was an added responsibility for her single mother, struggling to keep her household together.  This baby did not change Lily, she continued to run away; she would take the child with her on the weekends.  At nineteen (19), she became pregnant again.  Motherhood did not change her desire to run away, it appeared that it often pushed her into the streets more, and into a life of prostitution.  At twenty-three (23), Lily's life has not changed.

In 2014, she ran away from all responsibility, including her children, family and friends back to a life of prostitution.  When a message was sent to her that her family was concerned, she sent a message back, "All you whores who are worried about me and putting my name in your mouth, should come out and help us make this "f" money."  While out in the streets, her pimp beat her in the head with a gun; a customer left her for dead and she was hospitalized for a week.  After leaving the hospital Lily went to a safe house.  When she was ready to return home, she had to call to get "money" to come home.  My Lily was lost to the streets, the little girl with the big smile, loving heart and generous spirit is gone.  When you look into her eyes, you see only emptiness!

We started Granny's Place Ministries to help at risk youth, and especially girls, who think their home has too many rules and what's going on in the streets is exciting.  We have to work hard to save our children from the mysteries of the streets.  We want to provide transitional home with an academic education, to help each heal, feel safe, loved and achieve success in their lives.  We do not want them to be fooled by the mysteries of life on the streets.

Our everday task of meeting the needs of our youth, we hope to help each child understand the gifts and promises from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

"Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life."  John 8:12

We need your help!



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